Capture NX D thumbnails of the photos in DPReview's Nikon Z7 review.

The Nikon Z7 banding issue in photos

As many potential buyers of the Nikon Z7 mirrorless camera I became concerned with the banding observed by DPReview when pushing the photos 4 stops or more. So I decided to see for myself what they really mean.

In their website they show the images and resulting banding after pushing and concluded that the dark horizontal lines could be visible when trying to raise the shadows on a contrasty photo.

How do their images look before raising the exposure? Look at the thumbnails from Capture NX D… The bands only appear in the darker portions of a photo that is already nearly black. I could not raise the exposure in the -6 stops underexposed photo as Capture NX D only allows a 5 stops increment.

Capture NX D thumbnails of the photos in DPReview's Nikon Z7 review.
Capture NX D thumbnails of the photos in DPReview’s Nikon Z7 review. The green numbers refer to the number of stops of underexposure. The larger photo shows you how much exposure needs to be adjusted to show the banding in the darker areas.

The next images show a 100% crop of the region near the bottom of the pushed photos. I cannot see banding at all in the 3 stops push, and only a very small amount in the 4 stops push

banding in -5 photo
In order to see the dark lines you must see this image at full size in your computer monitor.
banding in -4 photo
banding is very hard to see in the 4 stop push

no banding in -3 photo

Is this going to become a problem in our images? I guess is up to each of us to decide!

What do you think?


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