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Tulips by the lake

We all become excited for things foreign to us. For us in the tropics tulips are fascinating. Never mind what we can buy at the market here. They never look as good as those in Europe. Continue reading Tulips by the lake

Ten seconds with Cattle Egrets

I love Cattle Egrets. They fly over my house at sunrise and at sunset every day this time of the year. I have photographed them nesting, feeding, displaying and, very especially, flying. Continue reading Ten seconds with Cattle Egrets

What is Spring like in the tropics?

A lot of people are about to enjoy, and with good reason, the Spring in the Northern Hemisphere. I live in tropical Costa Rica where the weather is practically the same year-round but we also have many plants that only bloom now and I thought I would share with you some photos of our Tropical Spring. Continue reading What is Spring like in the tropics?