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Seville in Spring

Last April I was very fortunate to visit Seville: It was a trip to remember.

There is a lot of color, flavor and culture to photograph in this high-adrenaline Andalusian city and Spring is just the best time of the year to visit. Continue reading Seville in Spring


Salt, the Inca way

Ever since I first saw a picture of the salt evaporation ponds at Maras, Perú I said to me: “I have to see that some day.”

I got my chance during a trip to Cuzco a few years later… Continue reading Salt, the Inca way

Choosing between DX or FX cameras

If you have read my post “DX vs FX cameras: Don’t switch, keep both!” you will know I really enjoy carrying two cameras: a DX body with a 70-300 mm lens and am FX body with a 18-35 mm. Now, there are times when I only can (or want to!) take one of the two systems Continue reading Choosing between DX or FX cameras

One market. One hundred vendors. One thousand tourists.

This is my third and last installment on my first visits to the multiple exposure playground I am calling “Multiple Impressions.”

Walking through the stands packed with clothes and accessories at the open market in Florence, I saw so much color to juxtapose with the silhouettes of passersby that I knew I had to make very expressive and dynamic photos  Continue reading One market. One hundred vendors. One thousand tourists.