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A happy family… with stacked teleconverters

In my post about nesting Least Grebes I said I would be showing photos of the distant birds taken with my 300mm lens and stacked 1.4X and 2.0X teleconverters. Here is a photo of one of the parents is about to feed a piece of crayfish to the chicks.

Vibration is a problem with such long focal lengths so you want to employ the fastest shutter speed you dare and any way to minimize shutter curtain or mirror slap. I used the camera’s electronic shutter for this.

Least Grebe family eating a piece of crayfish. Photo by Eduardo Libby Nikon 300mm f/2.8 and stacked TC-14EII and TC-20EIII teleconverters. Processed to taste in Lightroom and Topaz Denoise A. I. (the original was captured at ISO 1800 because you need to close one stop the lens when using stacked TC’s).


In the second photo I was lucky to get a nice reflection of the blue sky. This was taken using only the 2.0X teleconverter. Both photos are cropped to about 6 MP from a 20 MP file. More than enough for printing on a magazine or book page.


Least Grebes on a Costa Rican pond. Photo by Eduardo Libby


Have you tried stacked teleconverters? It gets a bit technical but sometimes you just need the magnification!

Nesting (Cute!) Least Grebes

A few weeks ago my friend Marco Saborío, a very experienced nature photographer, told me there were several nesting Least Grebe couples on a pond. I love the piercing yellow eyes of these diving birds but I had not seen them nesting before: I was in for a nice surprise! Continue reading Nesting (Cute!) Least Grebes

Chicago and Olympus

I must confess I wasn’t expecting Downtown Chicago to be as nice as it is: Wonderful architecture, great museums and parks. Very tourist-friendly.

Throughout the years I have traveled carrying my current dSLR with a normal zoom lens, but the lighter weight, expanded telephoto range and the record-breaking image stabilization of a Micro Four Thirds combo were perfect for city travel: I took all my photos with and Olympus OM-D camera (the EM1 mark II) and the M. Zuiko 12-100 f/4 lens (a 24-200mm equivalent in 35 mm).

Horses for courses of course… There will be times for big cameras, compact cameras or just smartphones… Just not this time!


The open space on the waterfront reminds me of some modern paintings... The open space here reminds me of some modern paintings…





Chicago at night seen from the John Hancock Center. Photo by Eduardo Libby Handheld one to four seconds exposures are routine at wide angle settings.
Looking west from Hancock Center, Photo by Eduardo Libby Route 66 to California starts in Chicago…


Fountain at Millenium Park A child walks by the fountain at Millenium Park seconds before the big face squirts water.
The Flamingo iron sculpture by Calder. Photo by Eduardo Libby The Flamingo iron sculpture by Calder frames the surrounding buildings.



An approaching storm darkens the Chicago Skyline. Photo by Eduardo Libby An approaching storm darkens the Chicago Skyline

Golden Orb-weavers and Art Installation

By chance I found on the same memory card photos of the Golden-Orb Weaver and the Nylon fishing lines from an Art Installation. They both belong in the same post of course! Continue reading Golden Orb-weavers and Art Installation

How to use a new camera?

When somebody asks me how to use a new camera my advice is always: set it in one of the auto modes and shoot away for a few days. Let it show you what it can do. Enjoy it.

I had to take my own advice some weeks ago. Continue reading How to use a new camera?

Rainforest Birds in Flight Photography

Photographing rain forest birds is a completely different business than shooting water birds on a sunny beach where you get to easily picture birds in flight at high shutter speeds. Inside a dark forest, well… you easily reach the limits of current technology. Continue reading Rainforest Birds in Flight Photography

Sunny in the Cloud Forest

In spite of its name, the Monteverde Cloud Forest in Costa Rica has some days of very sunny weather which create difficult light for photography. Naturally they happen every time I happen to visit… Continue reading Sunny in the Cloud Forest