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Pixel peeping or photo shooting?

I admit it: I have periodic episodes of lens testing mania. This time it was the bokeh stuff. As we all know, lens testing is a disease that can develop into the dreaded Gear Acquisition Syndrome… Continue reading Pixel peeping or photo shooting?

Photographer, know thy camera!

Photographer, know thy camera!

We  know we should not take pictures with important highlights clipped from our precious photos. This is why our cameras show histograms and flashing pixels in the LCD, but… are they always right? Continue reading Photographer, know thy camera!

What is Spring like in the tropics?

A lot of people are about to enjoy, and with good reason, the Spring in the Northern Hemisphere. I live in tropical Costa Rica where the weather is practically the same year-round but we also have many plants that only bloom now and I thought I would share with you some photos of our Tropical Spring. Continue reading What is Spring like in the tropics?