Screenshot of Eduardo Libby's Instagram photos.

Hello Instagram, I am in!

Screenshot of Eduardo Libby's Instagram photos.
I started using Instagram during a trip to New York. Now I am posting Costa Rican photos. Click the photo to see my Instagram Feed on the web.

What does a photographer that has lived through the film and the digital camera eras do with a smartphone?

Enjoys living in the smartphone camera era.

Simple as that.

I take different photos with different cameras. It is not them controlling me. It is me taking advantage of what they do best.
 Instagram’s concept is simple: See, capture, share and move on. Keep it mobile. It is the one place where being followed is not scary.

Will I post all my images? I don’t think so. Some are meant to be published or hung on a wall. They look their best when printed big. They grow slowly on you.

Instagram images should be eye-catching because they are short lived. They look great in your mobile, shine for a few hours on their own and get loved or ignored. Together they build up a story about the instants that have spiced up your photographic life… and eventually make a great mobile photography portfolio.

photo of the shadows of a statue and a museum visitor
Behold The Square: Instagram has made me discover this powerful compositional format. Click to enlarge.

Check out my Instagram Feed

It is just starting…

I hope you will like my pics.

Have a nice day,


P. S.

I got to take photos with an Instant camera and also to receive a Telegram.

I prefer my iPhone.

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