Photo of Tree Dahlias.

What is Spring like in the tropics?

A lot of people are about to enjoy, and with good reason, the Spring in the Northern Hemisphere. I live in tropical Costa Rica where the weather is practically the same year-round but we also have many plants that only bloom now and I thought I would share with you some photos of our Tropical Spring.

Photo of a Yellow Trumpet tree in bloom.
The Trumpet trees (Tabebuia) are the highlight of February. We get the yellow, pink and lavender species coloring the forests and gardens.
Photo of a Pink Trimpet tree in bloom.
The Trumpet trees give color to parks, forests and gardens.
Photo of an Erythrina tree in bloom.
Also in bloom, but mostly not native, the coral trees (Erythrina) color red and orange the coffee plantations where they have been planted to fix nitrogen for the crops.
See the red variety here
Photo of Guarianthe skinneri orchid
A traditional song about Costa Rica’s National flower, the Guaria Morada (Guarianthe skinneri) reminds us that its flowers are only seen in February…
Photo of a Bomarea and Senecio plants.
I was taking this picture of flowers on a road bank yesterday when I thought of writing this post. The red flowers are Bomarea and the yellow flowers are Senecio.
Photo of a wasp on a yellow flower.
Insect pollination is very important in the tropics and mild year round temperatures make sure that they are always around (with hummingbirds and bats doing their share).
Photo of Tree Dahlias.
Tree Dahlias bloom from December through March, a few months ahead of the Northern Hemisphere’s Spring.

For us the big seasonal change is the end of the Rainy Season in December. Weather gets drier but also cooler and it warms up a bit by March… our own Spring.

Do my photos look like Spring where you live?

12 thoughts on “What is Spring like in the tropics?”

    1. After I sent you the link with our nearly constant temperature I looked up what triggers synchronized flowering at the equator where day length is constant. Botanists are not sure how it happens but it does and is important for cross pollination by insects… Another mystery of the rainforest!


  1. Here in the DC spring is the not-so-nice season that puts an end to glorious snow just to give us…rain and mud. Oh, yes and PLANTED flowers (can you believe that?)…that will be replaced in a few months because they will wither and die.

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    1. Hi Marco! Sorry for you cross-country runners ; )
      Now that you mention it, there seem to be more perennial wildflower plants over here… No need to die if weather is nice year round I guess.


      1. This sounds so fantastic to my ears right now! I’ve not had a vacation in a long time. Happy to enjoy your beautiful work until such time as I am on the plane coming to Costa Rica…

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