Image of three women wearing flamenco dresses while entering the Seville Fair on a horse carriage. Photo by Eduardo Libby

Spanish Fashion: The Seville Fair

What is the Seville Fair like? It’s a photographer’s paradise! Picture a very large fair in which nearly every woman is wearing a traditional and colorful Flamenco dress, and men wear a spring suit. The wealthiest people enter the Fair on a luxury horse carriage, and everyone parties all night long.


Image of men driving a carriagne and wearing traditional outfits at the Seville Fair. Photo by Eduardo Libby.
Men on horseback or driving a carriage wear the traditional Short Suit. There is a steep price for arriving to your party with this much style!


Every year, dress style at the Seville fair changes with new colors, patterns and cuts. Women and men take very seriously the event and make sure they wear the latest and best they can afford. Some strict guidelines apply: no sunglasses are allowed when wearing the traditional dress.


Young women and policemen on horseback at the Seville Fair
Women carry their essentials on a hidden pocket under the skirt and wear Spanish Alpargatas to stand and dance comfortably through the night (no tapping as they dance Sevillanas music though).


The Seville Fair (“Feria de Sevilla” or “Feria de Abril”) starts on a Saturday, two weeks after catholic Holy Week, and runs to the following Sunday night. The entrance gate to the Seville Fair is designed and rebuilt every year and the “alumbrado,” its lighting Monday midnight, signals the official opening of the Fair. The first Sunday is called Children’s Day and families enjoy the amusement Park, called “Calle del Infierno” (Hell’s Street).

On Tuesday, the Seville society meets at private parties at one of the over 1000 tents, the “casetas” where they feast on Spanish “tapas” and drink abundant Manzanilla wine or its refreshing cocktail rebujito.


Image of young Seville people greeting each other at the Seville Fair. Photo by Eduardo Libby
Women will wear the latest in flamenco fashion as they meet their friends during one of the hundreds of private parties on Tuesday.


Image of Seville young women chatting at the Seville Fair. Photo by Eduardo Libby.
The Fashion Show “Salón Internacional de la Moda Flamenca” has showcased for over 20 years the work of the best designers, and the “traje de flamenca” has inspired Spanish and International Fashion Designers.


Image of a young woman taking a group picture at the Seville Fair. Photo by Eduardo Libby.
A group photo at one of the parties held on Tuesday at the Seville Fair.


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Young people at the amusement park of the Seville Fair. Photo by Eduardo Libby
The amusement park includes rides and games at “La calle del infierno” or Hell’s Street.
Image of woman carrying a child, both dressed with flamenco dresses at the Seville Fair. Photo by Eduardo Libby
Seville’s children get their first taste of flamenco fashion and have a great time at the amusement park of the Seville Fair.


I made most of my photos on Tuesday. Weather was nice and light was perfect. The light color of the sand and the colorful tents and decorations complimented perfectly the subjects. If you plan on visiting the “Feria de Abril” let me know and I will share the tips I learned!


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