Dew drops on a spider's web. Photo by Eduardo Libby.

Macro… after a long time

Revisiting a known place, or an old friend, after a long time is always so satisfying… It’s like returning home with the story of a great journey you undertook and sharing it to enrich your former world. To me, macro photography is just that.

When I got started in photography, I was so fascinated about how the world looked through a macro lens that I could not go out without looking for tiny subjects. Then, other photographic themes slowly took over and I regret to say that my macro lenses grew older almost forgotten while I took my long photographic journey.

Photo of small red and black seeds of a Bocconia tree. Photo by Eduardo Libby.
The small red and black seeds of a Bocconia tree are exposed when the fruit ripens. Flycatchers, vireos and other small birds just love to eat them. Click to enlarge

Yesterday I went to do landscape photos of one of my favorite environments in Costa Rica: the páramo, which is the tropical equivalent of the alpine zones in temperate lands. A garden full of flowers, lichens and dwarf plans. In case weather was not good, I took along my macro lens… and boy, did I enjoy it!

A lichen and a silvery bromeliad growing in the Paramo. Photo by Eduardo Libby.
A lichen dwarfs a small plant, a Bromeliad perhaps? Focus stacking is a trick I learned during my absence.


Image of dew drops on a spider's web. Photo by Eduardo Libby.
The spider’s web holding dew droplets reminded me of a computer graphics rendering of molecules… now this feels smaller than it actually is!

P. D.

It’s good to be back to WordPress too.

6 thoughts on “Macro… after a long time”

  1. Hi Eduardo,
    You visited my site this week. I hadn’t seen you in a while, so I wanted to come by and say “hi! Great to see you again.” I trust all has been well. My favorite of the three photos is the last one– the spider’s dew drops. Thanks for liking my plagiarism post.

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