Crystal-winged butterfly (Ithomiinae). Photo by Eduardo Libby

Butterflies Next-door

The good thing about not specializing too much as a photographer is that one can enjoy shooting whatever subject is available. After a walk to a nearby creek and forest a large macro photography scenario suddenly opened for me…

I shot all photos with a Nikon D7200 and a 105 mm Micro Nikkor lens: a combination that is about right for insects that can fly- or jump-away if one gets too close. A longer lens would be even better but this is what I have!


Skipper butterlfy on a Stachytarpheta flower showing proboscis. Photo by Eduardo Libby
A long proboscis is the way to go when you need to find nectar in flowers of many sizes.


Skipper butterfly ahowing iridescent hairs. Photo by Eduardo Libby
The iridescent hairs of this skipper butterfly contrast nicely with the dark color of its wings.
Crystal-winged butterfly (Ithomiinae). Photo by Eduardo Libby
Crystal-winged butterflies (Ithomiinae) don’t leave often the dark forest interior but are better photographed without using flash.


I know skippers are very common, but I wonder: are there Crystal-winged butterflies where you live?


10 thoughts on “Butterflies Next-door”

  1. There are no crystal-winged butterflies in Ohio, USA—at least none I’ve ever seen. I’d never even seen a photograph of one. What a beautiful animal! And all the skippers I’ve seen have been brown or brown and orange, not nearly as pretty as yours.

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