View of Chora, Ios Island. Photo by Eduardo Libby

The Greek Island of Ios

It seems like each Greek Island has its own personality: a trip to the Aegean Sea in which one chooses to visit any of the Islands will always be a memorable and different experience. The Island of Ios, where tradition claims poet Homer died, has all of the ingredients one expects to find on a Greek Island vacation.

In Ios we found history and modern night life, small town charm and tourist town frenzy, deep religious attitude and youth beach partying. It all depends on what you look for.

Here are some photos from Ios, but you can see more by clicking in this link to my Photoshelter website. I will be happy to see you visiting it.


Chapel on a Hill in Chora. Photo by Eduardo Libby
Throughout Ios, and especially on its hills, there are many small chapels and churches.
View of Chora, Ios Island. Photo by Eduardo Libby
A mixture of hotels, houses, restaurants and bars, Chora is the archetypal Greek Island Town on a Hill.

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