Simple Nature

Thanks to a partial lifting of our restrictions, and a couple days of good weather, we got the chance of visiting Waterfall Gardens, a private park and Zoo in the Costa Rican mountains. We went there on a weekday and I knew we would find almost nobody there.

Handheld long exposures are routine with Olympus cameras. A neutral density filter helps achieve a 1/4 s exposure.
A neutral density filter allowed for some movement on the water. ISO 250, 1/4 s f/7.1
A fallen Cecropia leaf

After a long time without going out to make photos one might think of being really intense about it and employ all the arsenal of equipment and techniques we long to practice, but it was not the case for me: I took all the photos with my Olympus EM1-II and the 12-100 lens. No need for tripod with this combination. Less time for equipment and more time to enjoy being outside.

The unique times we are living have forced us to focus on the small things that really matter on our relation with one another and with the world. I believe we have learned good things.

So, what is this post about? You might call it a re-encounter with the simple things that are so great about the Cloud Forest,

my roots,
my pleasure.

Tree fern fronds swayed softly in the wind. Even in the middle of the rainy season there are a few days with no rain.
La Paz River
Just a polarizer filter was enough to bring down my exposure to 1/25 s, enough to retain texture in the waterfall.

The last two images link to my Photography Website. It will be my pleasure if you visit.

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