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Outside The Alhambra

The gardens of The Alhambra are just as famous as its inner decorations. They became the perfect way to end our visit and they don’t need many words as introduction so, here are the photos! Continue reading Outside The Alhambra


Looking up, and to the sides too!

I cannot resist a nice afternoon: It is something I can easily see coming …quite unlike a nice morning!

Maybe sunrises have great light too… but there is less guesswork with sunsets in my cloudy tropical country. Continue reading Looking up, and to the sides too!

Photographer, know thy camera!

Photographer, know thy camera!

We  know we should not take pictures with important highlights clipped from our precious photos. This is why our cameras show histograms and flashing pixels in the LCD, but… are they always right? Continue reading Photographer, know thy camera!

Peru’s Palomino Islands

I live in Costa Rica and I always wanted to see the huge seabird and seal colonies from either North or South America. When I went to Peru of course I had to visit the famous Guano Islands that were so important for harvesting bird droppings to make fertiliser and saltpetre. There are still huge guano deposits from the enormous seabird colonies that live there. Continue reading Peru’s Palomino Islands