Image of Chilean Flamingos in Lake Argentino. Photo by Eduardo Libby

Patagonian Water Birds

I was fortunate to spend some weeks in Patagonia and I am very excited about sharing some of the photos I made with you. There is a lot to show but I would like to start with water birds because they were the first wildlife we saw after arriving to our first destination in Southern Argentina: El Calafate.

El Calafate is a small town on the shores of Lake Argentino and all flights arrive to its small airport. Tours to nearby El Chaltén, Perito Moreno Glacier and other awesome places depart from this tourist destination.

We stayed at a waterfront hotel and spend some hours watching the water birds in the lake shores and nearby ponds. There is a Nature Reserve called Laguna Nimitz where you can see many species but, at the end of the Summer, most remaining birds were actually just in front of our place…

Image of a Coscoroba Swan in Lake Argentino. Photo by Eduardo Libby
The Coscoroba Swan was the most abundant Swan in this part of the lake and its calls were the loudest.


A couple of Black-necked Swans in Lake Argentino, El Calafate. Photo by Eduardo Libby
Black-necked Swans were not too close to the shore and it took some patience to get a frame-filling photo.

Swans might be common for many of you but there are none in Costa Rica and they were a highlight for our birding. The Black-necked Swan might be a novelty though. The same could be said about the Chilean Flamingos which could need a second glance to be recognised as a different species.

I hope you will enjoy this first pictures from our trip and I promise you I will post many more photos soon!

Chiloe Wigeon in El Calafate, Argentina. Photo by Eduardo Libby
A nearby pond had a number of Chiloe Wigeons. Shy as most wild ducks are, this was as close as I could get to them. In this trip I was traveling very light and my telephoto was a 70-300 mm zoom lens mounted on my trusty Nikon 1 V1 camera… which has a few white hairs by now.


Coots in Lake Argentino near El Calafate. Photo by Eduardo Libby
There were two species of Coots swimming placidly in the cold waters. This part of Lake Argentino is fed by a stream and is not the azure color of the glacier-fed waters of the lake.


Image of a White-winged coot in Lake Argentino, near El Calafate. Photo by Eduardo Libby
The White-winged Coot was the most abundant of the two species we saw.


Image of a Red-gartered Coot. Photo by Eduardo Libby
A Red-gartered Coot in front and a White-winged Coot in the background.


Image of Chilean Flamingos in Lake Argentino. Photo by Eduardo Libby
I had seen Chilean Flamingos before in Peru but this is the closest I’ve gotten to them. My camera and lens combo reached about 700 mm (35 mm equivalent): The 70-300 is not sharp enough beyond 250 mm.



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