Blue-crowned Motmot. Photo by Eduardo Libby

Simple Subjects, Simple photos

Perhaps I had been pixel-peeping too much… Perhaps it was just the mood of the afternoon… Perhaps I was just tired from work… I just felt like making photos that were not too technical, not too perfect, and not too planned.

Now, looking at these four pictures, I realize they are the sights I welcome when I come home this time of the year: warm sun in the mountains, young flowers and leaves, birds that have befriended me after sharing my fruit with them for years.

Happy Holidays!


Barabbas tree (Euphorbia cotinifolia). Photo by Eduardo Libby
The young leaves of the red Barabbas tree (Euphorbia cotinifolia). People around here plant it as part of hedgerows.


Passerini’s Tanager. Photo by Eduardo Libby
Passerini’s Tanager. Two couples of young birds appeared in my area about a year ago. Now only one couple remains around.


Blue-crowned Motmot. Photo by Eduardo Libby
The characteristic silhouette of the Blue-crowned Motmot in late afternoon. They are proficient hunters but love eating bananas too.


Stacchytarpheta shrub in late afternoon. Photo by Eduardo Libby
A Stacchytarpheta shrub just missing the Steely-vented and Rufous-tailed hummingbirds that fight incessantly for this feeding territory.


7 thoughts on “Simple Subjects, Simple photos”

  1. To me a good composition is worth so much more than anything else in art. If the composition compels me, while I have may interest in the technical/learned skills as a photographer, it’s the result and the art that touches me. Pretty pictures and well seen

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