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Chicago and Olympus

I must confess I wasn’t expecting Downtown Chicago to be as nice as it is: Wonderful architecture, great museums and parks. Very tourist-friendly.

Throughout the years I have traveled carrying my current dSLR with a normal zoom lens, but the lighter weight, expanded telephoto range and the record-breaking image stabilization of a Micro Four Thirds combo were perfect for city travel: I took all my photos with and Olympus OM-D camera (the EM1 mark II) and the M. Zuiko 12-100 f/4 lens (a 24-200mm equivalent in 35 mm).

Horses for courses of course… There will be times for big cameras, compact cameras or just smartphones… Just not this time!


The open space on the waterfront reminds me of some modern paintings... The open space here reminds me of some modern paintings…





Chicago at night seen from the John Hancock Center. Photo by Eduardo Libby Handheld one to four seconds exposures are routine at wide angle settings.
Looking west from Hancock Center, Photo by Eduardo Libby Route 66 to California starts in Chicago…


Fountain at Millenium Park A child walks by the fountain at Millenium Park seconds before the big face squirts water.
The Flamingo iron sculpture by Calder. Photo by Eduardo Libby The Flamingo iron sculpture by Calder frames the surrounding buildings.



An approaching storm darkens the Chicago Skyline. Photo by Eduardo Libby An approaching storm darkens the Chicago Skyline

Body Paint Parade

Just as promised: Here is a selection of the body paint parade that took place as part of the Festival Flores de la Diáspora Africana 2019, Continue reading Body Paint Parade

Santorini Album

Can you imagine a volcanic explosion so violent that creates a crater nearly 7 miles wide, a 700 ft. high tsunami that obliterates the Bronze Age Minoan Empire, and its remaining Caldera eventually becomes the most spectacular tourist destination of the Greek Islands? Continue reading Santorini Album

New camera, new vision?

The small, unobtrusive, Panasonic Lumix GX85 camera is great for street and festival photography. This is an area where micro four thirds cameras really shine: they have just the right depth of field to show the subject and the environment. Continue reading New camera, new vision?

Traveling with Micro Four Thirds Cameras: Winchester, UK

A recent trip to southern England became a nice test for my Olympus Pen-F as a travel camera. I will keep adding posts about my new experience with the Micro Four Thirds format. Continue reading Traveling with Micro Four Thirds Cameras: Winchester, UK

Taxco Flashback

Years ago I visited the small town of Taxco in Mexico. Really nice place, good food and awesome local flavor. I had forgotten about the photos I made but I thought I should post them now… in black and white since this is a flashback! Continue reading Taxco Flashback