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Fireflies and Micro Four Thirds Cameras

Capturing fireflies’ light tracks in camera is something modern high-sensitivity digital cameras can do very well. Micro Four Thirds systems have a nice trick to do long exposures even better and I was lucky I got an Olympus Pen F just in time for this year’s display. Continue reading Fireflies and Micro Four Thirds Cameras

Real world, false colors

We’ve all seen those fantastic satellite images that show details of vegetation cover, water and other features in what scientists call false-color. Have you ever thought what they would look like if taken from the ground, just as a regular photo? Continue reading Real world, false colors

The volcano and indoor photos

I live in the Pacific Rim of Fire so it is no surprise that eventually ash is going to fall from the sky, like it has been on and off for the last two years: small amounts luckily. This has consequences for photography of course. Continue reading The volcano and indoor photos